All-Akron Student Engineering Program

Education, Experience, and Employment for Akron students

2019 AASEP Logo

The All-Akron Student Engineering Program (AASEP) is designed to expose students to opportunities in work shadowing, provide hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related fields, and immerse students in paid internships in the Akron area! Through this we are creating an environment that strengthens the powers of education, experience, and employment for our students as well as encouraging and sustaining the interests in STEM careers. 

Furthering our student's education and experience in these fields now will allow for greater employment opportunities in the future. Students involved in the All-Akron Student Engineering Program (AASEP) move on to be engineers, computer programmers, medical students, and so much more!


 Next Workshop on March 30th! 


First STEM Workshop - February 16th, 2019

Students participate in a Writing Workshop, learn their spirit animals to better work together in groups, and work to create presentations about fission and fusion with other students and engineers from First Engergy. 


Second STEM Workshop - March 9th, 2019 

Food etiquette, professional business wear, and displaying your personal brand were the classes for the day. The importance of showing who you are in a professional manner! There was also a discussion panel during lunch with recent graduates and current students. This allowed the AASEP students to ask questions about college, internships, and future jobs.