Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT-3)

This site sits between West Exchange Street and West Cedar Street along the Ohio & Erie Canal. It marks the southern most point of the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel. A 45-foot diameter drop shaft is being constructed that will connect with the tunnel at a depth of 166 feet.

The Contractor has completed the outer wall of the OCIT-3 Drop Shaft.  No further work is planned for this structure until after the TBM has completed the tunnel drive and the cutter head has been extracted up through the shaft.  At the Rack 16 Diversion Structure, the Contractor has completed placement of the first wall section (Northeast) of the R16 Diversion Structure, and construction of the remaining walls are on-going.  At the Rack 37 Diversion Structure the Contractor has completed installation of MH 8.  Trenching for installation of the 15" truss pipe (new sanitary line) in Main St. is on-going.

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