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AASEP Student Reflection - Ray Mahanke

AASEP Worthwhile For Students 

By Ray Mahanke

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            Throughout the ten weeks that I’ve worked as an intern with the City of Akron, I’ve been exposed to a variety of engineering applications, and have also had the opportunity to continue to develop soft skills that will aid me in a countless number of other fields and positions. I’ve met an interesting variety of people, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning from them in every way I could.

            Rotating through five of the engineering bureau’s various divisions, I’ve seen a fair few different work environments and projects. I spent time in the municipal building, on High street, as well as the service center on Triplett boulevard. The differences between these two environments added a lot of variety to the internship, and moving back and forth between the two locations helped to keep my experience fresh and interesting.

            I was exposed to a variety of different positions in the field of engineering. This was easily one of the most beneficial parts of the internship. My goal in participating in this program was to expose myself to various fields of engineering, so that I could either find something that I was interested in, or, at the very least, have an idea of what I wasn’t. Being exposed to a wide variety of careers and fields helped me to achieve that goal, giving me a better idea of what careers I could work in should I obtain an engineering degree. The course of this internship was related largely to civil engineering, but I did learn a fair bit about surveying and construction alongside that.

            I continued to build upon soft skills, which I’d started developing in my previous internship last summer, throughout the course of the program. I gained more experience in office and laboratory environments, learning how to dress, speak, and behave in these areas. I began to learn the flow of information, as well as the critical importance of communication, from person to person, division to division, and agency to agency. These things, among many others, contributed to the development of my soft skills, which will look rather appealing on a resume, and make me a more attractive candidate for any position I’ll apply to in the future.

            The wide variety of people that I’ve met throughout this internship has also been beneficial. I’ve been introduced to a diverse group of individuals, and have, by speaking with and listening to them, been able to learn a lot about the engineering environment through their wisdom and experience.

            Ultimately, participating in the All-Akron Student Engineering Program, and partnering with the City of Akron for it, has been a wonderful experience. I’ve reaped a wide variety of benefits through the program. It’s been an excellent way to spend my summer, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering the program.