Getting Close to the End

Getting Close to the End

by: Angel Guinn 

Hello! I am sadly now getting to the end of my internship. I have had a lot of fun doing this project and working with Leah Gillig and Elizabeth Holston. The project itself covers the stages of the water cycle including water reclamation plants, combined sewer overflow pipes, consent decrees, and even how old some of the sewers are in Akron. Some of them are 85 years old by the way! However, I have learned a lot from working in this environment is that doing quality work can really make a difference.

     In school a lot of our projects are fast-paced because we only have so much time, an engineering project can have only five days to complete. A complete turn around from the 40 hours with G. Stephens. Seeing what a long term project with an engineering company was like, was all I could have wanted from my engineering classes in the past. I'm really proud of the work I've done and the things I have learned in this program and I'm excited to come back next year and learn even more. As for the project, I hope soon everyone can see it as a finished project soon!

The final video is posted below! 

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