All-Akron Student Engineering Program

Education, Experience, and Employment for Akron students

2019 AASEP Logo

The All-Akron Student Engineering Program (AASEP) is designed to expose students to opportunities in work shadowing, provide hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related fields, and immerse students in paid internships in the Akron area! Through this we are creating an environment that strengthens the powers of education, experience, and employment for our students as well as encouraging and sustaining the interests in STEM careers. 

Furthering our student's education and experience in these fields now will allow for greater employment opportunities in the future. Students involved in the All-Akron Student Engineering Program (AASEP) move on to be engineers, computer programmers, medical students, and so much more!

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Second STEM Workshop - March 7, 2020 

Working on displaying your personal brand by what you wear to work and your manners at the table were covered at this workshop. Students also worked to create their one-minue speeches to present to hiring firms for summer internships. Master Seniors shared their experiences from last year and tips to write better speeches. During lunch, students from the University of Akron in the College of Engineering held a panel discussion to answer questions for the AASEP students.

First STEM Workshop - February 15, 2020

This workshop is one of many to grow soft skills including writing and addressing letters, how to improve personal performance with SMART goals, and becoming more self-aware in the workplace to create better brand image. Students also participated in a sustainability challenge where they sorted items to find ways to repurpose them instead of throwing them away.

Winter STEM Fest - December 14, 2019

Students learn their spirit animals, participate in personality tests to find out more about themselves, work in teams catergorized by their spirit animals competing to build the largest structures, and meeting the peers that will be participating in the 2019-2020 All-Akron Student Engineering Program.

AASEP Closing Luncheon for 2018-2019

We want to thank all of the students, staff, and corporate partners who participated in this year’s All-Akron Student Engineering program and made it one of the best yet! The Closing Luncheon was held at Greystone Hall in downtown Akron on August 9th. Students, parents, and participating firms enjoyed an incredibly delicious meal while listening to speeches from Zaire Johnson, Kathryn Burns, and Aaron Brown - all who participated in this year's program.

Other speakers included Pat Gsellman from the City of Akron, Marki Johnson with G. Stephens, Inc., Bonnie Teeuwen from Osborn Engineering, and last but not least Jonathan D. Simmons with G. Stephens, Inc. and the Program Director of AASEP. Awards were distributed to the students for completion of the program as well as gift bags to remind them of the lessons learned during the year. The gift bags were put together by Dr. Katrina Halasa a K-12 Learning Specialist with Akron Public Schools who partnered with AASEP to develop learning outcomes. As this year comes to a close, we want to reflect on all the hard work done by the students and look forward to next year’s program that will bring more growth to the Akron community. 

Spring STEM Fest 2018-2019 - May 11th, 2019

Students were assigned to respective companies for their internships! Prior to the announcement, students participated in a series of activities designed to give them tools to succeed in the workplace. The sessions were conducted by Women in Engineering speakers Bonnie Teeuwen of Osborn Architects & Engineers and Alexis Killinger of DLZ Ohio, Inc., “Know Your Value”.  Heidi Cressman from the University of Akron conducted a workshop on “Coded Language”; and EbaNee Bond from the University of Akron Research Foundation reviewed the semester’s teachings in a workshop entitled “What Did You Hear? 


Third STEM Workshop - March 30th, 2019

Students had time to practice a bit more in the morning before presenting their one-minute speeches about who they are and why they are looking for an internship. The participating firms were extremely impressed with how well the students presented themselves during each speech and even more so during the networking event afterwards. Lunch was catered for the workshop, including cupcakes and a special AASEP cake. 


Second STEM Workshop - March 9th, 2019 

Food etiquette, professional business wear, and displaying your personal brand were the classes for the day. The importance of showing who you are in a professional manner! There was also a discussion panel during lunch with recent graduates and current students. This allowed the AASEP students to ask questions about college, internships, and future jobs.


First STEM Workshop - February 16th, 2019

Students participate in a Writing Workshop, learn their spirit animals to better work together in groups, and work to create presentations about fission and fusion with other students and engineers from First Engergy.