Dye Water Testing

Dwt1 Down spouts being tested.

Many of the residents in the Merriman, Middlebury and North Hill neighborhoods are being contacted by the City and consultants about having dye water testing conducted on their property.

What is dye water testing?

Dye water testing is non-invasive and is a way for the City and consultants to know exactly where water goes once it leaves a gutter, spouting or storm drain. Colored, or dyed, water is poured into the connection being tested, and a camera in the sewer determines whether or not it's flowing to the wrong area. Contractors will not need to enter your home unless you have a sump pump in your basement.

What happens if work needs to be done on my property?

The City is treating each property as a separate project, and will determine the best course of action to get clean water connections flowing to the right place on a property-by-property basis. The City of Akron will bear the cost of any work that needs to be performed on your property to correct this issue.

How do I know if my property needs to be tested?

If your property needs to be tested, the City has, or will be, contacting you by phone, mail, or both. If you live in the Middlebury, Merriman, or North Hill neighborhoods, and think the City has tried to contact you, please call the AWR! communications team at 330-375-2501 and we will get you in contact with the person overseeing testing in your area.

Why is the City doing this?

Clean (storm) water that goes into a sanitary sewer could contribute to a combined sewer overflow. By redirecting storm water to a separate system, we reduce or eliminate the risk of combined sewer water overflowing to nearby waterways.

Letter to Merriman Residents

On September 1, 2016, a letter was sent to several residents in the Merriman neighborhood. This letter is addressed to residents whose homes have clean water connections which need to be removed or redirected at the City's expense. The letter asks residents to select a time which is most convenient for them to meet with the contractor to discuss the plan for their individual property.

A copy of the letter can be found here.