Press Release Archive

2020 Press Releases

City of Akron and Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition Reopen Towpath Trail (12/16/2020)

Akron Waterways Renewed! Recognized with Gold Level Award from Ohio EPA (11/02/2020)

Fieldwork Continues for Northside Project in North Hill and Chapel Hill Neighborhoods (10/26/2020)

City of Akron Announces Low-Interest Loan Awarded to Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Project (09/11/2020)

City Of Akron Completes Last Storage Basin Under Federal Consent Decree—Under Budget And Ahead Of Schedule (08/06/2020)

All-Akron Student Engineering Program To Host Virtual Closing Ceremony To Honor Participants (08/03/2020)

Mayor Dan Horrigan Announces Major Milestone in Downtown Tunnel Project: Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel is 100% Connected! (06/18/2020) 

The City of Akron and Environmental Design Group receive Outstanding Achievement Award for Aqueduct Street Green Improvements (04/30/2020)

Akron Waterways Renewed! Field Work Ongoing in North Hill Area of Akron (04/29/2020)

Akron Waterways Renewed! Program Making Progress (04/15/2020)

2019 Press Releases

Second Amendment To Akron’s CSO Consent Decree Granted, With Projected Savings Of $77 Million (12/18/19)

City of Akron Celebrates Progress in Consent Decree Projects (10/30/19)

City of Akron Hosts Cuyahoga River Homecoming – Friday June 21 (06/19/20)

TorchFest – Xtinguish Celebration at the Cuyahoga River Homecoming Press Conference (06/18/19)

Water Reclamation Facility Upgrades Yield Big Results (2/25/19)

2019 Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Public Participation/Pre-Notification (1/15/19)

2018 Press Releases

Ohio Water Environment Association Recognizes Akron AWR! Program – commended for excellence in engineering and community outreach (09/21/2018)

Rosie, the Tunnel Boring Machine, Completes Historic Mile-Long Journey under Downtown Akron (08/29/2018)

Gorge Dam Project Agreement Signed for Remedial Design of the Gorge Dam Contaminated Sediments Project (07/09/2018)

The City of Akron Celebrates “Fix-a-Leak Week,” March 19th – 25th (03/19/2018)

Akron Asks Businesses and Residents for Help in Protecting Sewer (03/22/2018)

AWR! Kicks Off The 2018 Trolley Tour Season (03/16/2018)

2017 Press Releases

City to Close Intersection of MLK, Main, Howard and Perkins for Innerbelt Project and Old Main Sewer Separation (01/26/2017)

Mayor Horrigan Announces $17 Million Savings on AWR! Project through Interest Rate Reduction (07/13/2017)

AWR! Begins Work on Carpenter Sewer Separation (CSO Rack 30) Project (07/13/2017)

Ohio EPA Presents PISCES Award to City of Akron (11/21/2017)

City of Akron Receives Finance Award (12/14/17)

2016 Press Releases

City of Akron Announces Three Akron Waterways Renewed! Projects (02/17/16)

2016 Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Nominations (02/17/16)

2016 Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Applications (02/17/16)

City of Akron Receives Nutrient Reduction Discount for Water Reclamation Facility Project (09/01/2016)

Howard Storage Basin (CSO Rack 22) Work (09/14/2016)

First Amendment to Consent Decree (09/21/2016)

City of Akron Leave Removal (10/28/2016) 

Akron Water Supply Plant Receives Environmental Excellence Award (10/31/2016)

Blasting Associated with Construction of Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel Begins (11/17/2016)

South Arlington Road Closure (12/14/2016)


2015 Press Releases

Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) (01/23/15)

Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) (01/28/15)

Blue Heron Homecoming (02/12/15)

Contest Announced to Name Giant Tunnel Boring Machine (05/21/15)

Still Time To Enter Contest to Name Giant Tunnel Boring Machine (06/17/15)

Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) (09/28/15) 

Awards for City Engineer and Water Supply Bureau Manager (10/28/15)

Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel Groundbreaking 2015 (11/09/15)

City Completes Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Project (12/14/15)

EPA Approves Green Alternatives (12/14/15)

2014 Press Releases

City Moving Forward With CSO Projects (05/05/2014)

Akron Water Reclamation Facility Receives $108,000 Rebate (07/14/14)

City of Akron Water Supply Bureau Receives Water Fluoridation Quality Award (09/12/14)

City of Akron Water Reclamation Services Manager Wins Statewide Award (09/16/14)

City of Akron Breaks Ground on Cascade Village Storage Basin Project (09/21/14)

Public Informational Meeting In Preparation for Upcoming Workforce Training (11/19/14)

2013 Press Releases

Ohio EPA Reconfirms Akron Water is Free of Algal Toxin (09/20/13)

City to Train Citizens to Operate Trucks, Earn CDL (09/26/13)

CDL Training Applications Update (09/30/13)

City Withdraws From CSO Long Term Control Plan (12/17/13)


2012 Press Releases

US EPA and City of Akron Agree on Long Term Control Plan (01/10/12)


2011 Press Releases

Akron to Eliminate Almost All of the Smell that Wafts from Akron's Compost Facility (07/15/11)

City of Akron 2011 Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) (07/26/11)

City of Akron Main Outfall Sewer Inspection (07/26/11)