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Kelly Green-Kelly Conveyance (CSO Rack 3)

There are three sites with this project. 5th Ave. and Chittenden, 7th Ave. and Kelly, and 6th Ave. and Weeks St. CSO Rack 3 is 314 acres of drainage area from I-76 to Lovers Lane and Kelly to Hudson Avenue. The East Akron neighborhood is located near the flight path of the Goodyear Blimp. All of these elements are meant to be seen from the air as well as the ground. These Green Infrastructure sites not only provide stormwater control but improve air quality. 

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Project 1: 

Chittenden Green Project (CSO Rack 3) 

There are two sites for this project. Chittenden St. and Bittiker St. and Chittenden St. and McKinnley Ave.   

This project is substantially complete and pictures will be updated when there starts to be growth from the plants. 

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