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Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT-1)

The Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) broke ground on November 6, 2015. This is the largest project under the Akron Waterways Renewed! program. The tunnel is 27 feet in diameter, spans a distance of 6,240 feet, and is able to hold 25 million gallons of storm water and sewage. 

Construction continues on the both the interior & exterior walls, and the intermediate slabs at the Tunnel Diversion Structure (TDS). Construction continues on the Control Building, Little Cuyahoga Interceptor (LCI) Meter Vault & Vent Vault, Overflow Culvert and Drive Entrance. Construction on the permanent bridge has commenced. Construction on Hickory St. to connect the Rack 0, 23 and 24 Combined Sewers to the OCIT-1 Drop Shaft has resumed.

Hickory Street remains closed at the overlook point as crews complete needed sewer upgrades.

The Towpath Trail still has a one-mile detour between the current Memorial Parkway and Mustill Store Trailheads. The detour uses Hickory Street to the west of the Trail until fall of 2020 during construction.  This detour of Towpath Trail and Ohio to Erie Trail provides a safe, easily identifiable and mostly accessible trail for hikers and bicyclists.  There are short sections that involve steep grades along the Maple Street Connector of the new route – 10% & 15% – where walking a bike may be preferred.  

 For more information and a map of the detour, please visit here.

Restoration is underway on roughly 1,400 linear feet of the Little Cuyahoga just downstream of the convergence with the Ohio and Erie canal, which is a continuation of the City's commitment to improved water quality along this important waterway. To be completed late this summer, the restoration includes installing hundreds of native trees, bushes, and live stakes along with floodplain/wetlands creation. The Little Cuyahoga will be enhanced for wildlife through the use of grade controls, natural stream materials, and habitat creation.

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