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The Northside Project

The Northside Project Kicks Off with Fieldwork Throughout North Hill and Chapel Hill Neighborhoods

Fieldwork kicked off in early 2020 for the Northside Project, which is one of the last projects of the Akron Waterways Renewed (AWR!) Program. Similar to the other construction in the AWR! Program, the Northside Project is required as part of the City’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Consent Decree (CD). 

Throughout the remainder of 2020, the City of Akron will perform a variety of fieldwork activities that includes mobile mapping, flow monitoring, groundwater measurements, and soil borings in the North Hill and Chapel Hill neighborhoods.  The fieldwork will also include a Downspout and Stormwater Drain Survey of residential properties in the project area. 

It is important to note that crews are wearing masks and are following guidelines set by the CDC and Ohio Department of Health.

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Mobile Mapping: 

White markings have been placed on the streets throughout the project area. These markings are used with a state-of-the-art technology to collect survey data to create maps for the project. You may have noticed a white vehicle, similar to the one shown in the picture below, collecting data along roadways earlier in the year. 


Survey Marking  Nssc Other Mm Pic2 At 2020 06 10 

Nssc Other Mm Pic1 At 2020 06 10


Flow Monitoring: 

In March of 2020, the City of Akron installed temporary sewer flow monitors and rain gauges throughout the project area.  The flow monitors and rain gauges measure flows in our sewer system and volume of rain data for a time period that extended to July 2020.  Field crews regularly inspected the equipment to ensure that accurate data was gathered.  The data from these instruments is now being evaluated to compare sewer flows during wet and dry-weather conditions.

Nssc Chuckery Fm Pic4 Rwf 20200325  Nssc Chuckery Fm Pic2 Rwf 20200325  Nssc Other Rg Rwf 2020 06 18


Groundwater Measurements:

In April of 2020, piezometers were installed at five residential homes to measure the level of groundwater. Piezometers were installed about 10-feet below the surface, and electronic equipment measured the changes in groundwater levels. The groundwater levels were continuously measured into July 2020. 

Nssc Locpzpic2 Rwf 2020 04 28  Nssc Loc Pz Pic1 Rwf 2020 04 23


Geotechnical Soil Borings:

Geotechnical soil borings are being drilled at various locations starting in June 2020 and continuing throughout the summer.  Each boring is completed in less than half of a day and is used to collect soil samples.  In this way, geotechnical engineers use the soil samples to determine various characteristics of the soil and groundwater depths as well. 

(Click door hanger for a PDF version)

Nssc R35 Other Bigfallsavesoilborking Rwf 2020 06 17  Geotech 2  Nssc R35 Other Pic1 Rwf 2020 06 05 1

 Soil Boring Door Hanger      


Downspout and Stormwater Drain Survey:

The City of Akron began downspout and stormwater drain surveys in May 2020.  The field workers will only observe downspout and stormwater drains as part of this work. This may include entering the back and side of yards to capture necessary information. Field personnel will contact residents for special access if needed due to fences, dogs or other issues. In no case will our field workers enter your homes during this initial phase. 

The visual surveys of an individual home should be completed in less than an hour, and residents impacted by these inspections will receive letters prior to the inspection, as well as clearly marked door hangers.  Also please note that our field workers will be easily recognizable with yellow vests and City of Akron badges.

It is important to note that crews are wearing masks and are following guidelines set by the CDC and Ohio Department of Health.

Downspout Doorhanger   Nssc Other Fi Pic2 Sb 2020 05 21

Personnel working for the City of Akron will be on your property to assess your downspouts, splash pads and any stormwater drains as part of ongoing work on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mandated Consent Decree (CD). 


No one will enter your home during this intial phase of the field survey. Personnel are performing a visual inspection, only. 


Personnel will have a badge to identify them as an official employee.






Public Outreach Documents 

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Flow Monitoring and Field Survey Ongoing in North Hill Area Notice To Be Carried By Nssc Field Crews Final 002


Downspout and Stormwater Drain Survey letter to residents


North Hill Ltr Downspout Final Page 1



Press Release for Fieldwork in North Hill Area


Akron Waterways Renewed Field Work Ongoing In North Hill Area Of Akron Page 1








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