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Continued with demolition of SRT’s 13-24 and began forming and pouring the one-sided walls in SRT #21. Finished pouring the BioCEPT Tank base slabs, wall sections first lifts and began pouring the wall sections second lifts. Finished refurbishing of the collector mechanism and replacement of the GBT pumps and finished installing RAS Pumps in the basement of the Aeration Gallery. Formed and poured the East Junction Chamber. Grout filled the void under Gallery #3; installed 6” underdrain and backfill in Gallery #3; cut out the SRT north wall to the Influent Transition Structure (ITS) and poured the base slab for the ITS. Worked inside Gravity Thickener installing conduit and electrical for the pumps. Installed a steel 4” gas line in the Chemical Handling Building.

Headworks - Main Outfall

The live stream cameras you see below are part of the Headworks project to upgrade to the Main Outfall to provide 280 MGD capacity to the Water Reclamation Facility. The project will include replacement of the Influent Screening Building, Grit Removal and Grit Load-out Buildings, Detritus Tanks, and associated channels and gates. The existing Main Outfall from the east side of the bridge to the new Headworks will be rebuilt similar to the design of the current Main Outfall (MO) project. 

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