Better Equipped for My Future


When my engineering teacher Coach Griffith first introduced me to this program and told me what this program is about, I thought that it would be the perfect thing for me. It paired me up with Welty Construction Co. based off my interests with construction and engineering, which ended up being what I think was a perfect fit. When I first walked into their office I was scared and anxious that they would look down on me or just give me busy work because I was just some kid walking into their office, but boy was I wrong. They were probably one of the kindest and most welcoming people that I have met. They made me feel at home and then handed me a very well put together packet that listed what I would do for my whole stay there.

My favorite part about this is that it wasn't set in stone, they made it flexible so that I would be able to do this what interested me more and remove things that didn't. They showed me every single department that they had and made sure to explain everything clearly and made sure that I understood it, taking time to let me ask questions and take notes. During my stay there, they taught me many things ranging from onsite safety to the need of diversity in the workplace.

They not only taught me about their workplace but also about life. Talking to the many people there helped me find out that mechanical engineering was the degree that I was looking for. Every day was a new and exciting experience there and overall, I loved the whole thing. I learned many things that I would otherwise would not have if I hadn't been a part of this program. With this experience I think that it has truly better equipped me for my future in the field of engineering as well as in life overall.

By: Jose Miller Heisler