The Northside Project




The design for the Northside Interceptor Tunnel (NSIT) was completed in Spring 2023.  The NSIT design was tremendously detailed as it included 355 construction drawings, 1,622 pages of specifications, and 6,571 pages of additional information.  Due to the sophistication and complexity of the project, the City performed a pre-qualification process, and four contractors were selected to submit proposals.  Each of those pre-qualified contractors received the design documents and they subsequently submitted their proposals.  In late summer, the City selected Granite Construction Company to build our NSIT, and they will begin site work in early autumn.

In the meantime, existing utilities are being relocated to make room for structures that will be constructed as part of the NSIT.  Some of this utility relocation work has already started along Front Street, just south of the Front Street Bridge.  This construction will relocate existing utilities to make room for a large drop shaft that will be constructed in this area as part of NSIT.  A power transformer, that will be used for the NSIT Tunnel Boring Machine is also being installed in autumn 2023.  After refurbishment, the City was able to re-use the transformer that was used as part of the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel project. 

Existing utilities will be relocated north of the Front Street Bridge for the NSIT.
The NSIT project was able to refurbish the transformer that was used on the Ohio Canal Interceptor Project.
Gas lines are being relocated along Front Street in preparation for NSIT.
















Relocations of existing utilities has started along Riverside Drive for the Riverside Sewer Separation Project.

PRiversidereparations for the Riverside Sewer Separation Project have been

ongoing throughout 2023.  You may be seeing construction occurring along Riverside Drive, which is related to the relocation of existing utilities.  Starting in the autumn of 2023, new storm sewers will be constructed in the area.  Then the existing combined sewers will be re-purposed’ as separate sanitary sewers. 






The Lower NSITLower Northside Interceptor (NSI) Lining Project has been completed, with the

Lower NSIT
The temporary bypass pipe traverses under Cuyahoga Street for the Lower NSI Project.

NSI being rehabilitated along Peck Road.  The NSI was originally constructed with bricks in 1930, and now has an internal lining throughout the interceptor.  As part of the project, a temporary ‘bypass’ pipe was constructed beside the existing NSI, so that wastewater could bypass and completely remove flow from the existing NSI.  With the existing NSI being empty, that actual rehabilitation process was achieved.



project descriptions

The Northside Project is among the last Akron Waterways Renewed projects within the City's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Consent Decree (CD). Once completed, the Northside Project will prevent combined sewer overflows from entering the Cuyahoga River during typical storms.


Lower NSITThe Lower Northside Interceptor Lining Project includes the rehabilitation of a 48" brick sewer located along Peck Road entirely within the Cascade Valley Metro Park - Chuckery Area.



RiversideThe Riverside Sewer Separation Project involves construction of new storm sewers in the North Hill neighborhood located along Riverside Drive and along streets that are located between Big Falls and Drexel Avenue.


CSO Rack 34
New storm sewers will be constructed throughout the neighborhood located within the red boundary.  Also, the existing combined sewer in this neighborhood will be “re-purposed” as a separate sanitary sewer.

NSITThe Northside Interceptor Tunnel project consists of constructing a 16.5-foot internal diameter tunnel, beginning at the Cascade Valley Metro Park - Chuckery Area, generally following Riverside Drive, and terminating near the Front Street Bridge.




Riverside Dr Cross Section
The proposed Northside Interceptor Tunnel will be located 138’ underground as shown in this cross section.  This cross section is typical of the NSIT along Riverside Drive, with over 130 feet of shale and sandstone rock located above the tunnel.


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