What will we get for our investment?

Clean waterways – our rivers and canal, will be restored to a level not seen in six generations. We will build water resources for the coming century, recognizing that the Integrated Planning approach will be able to address the most pressing public health and environmental protection issues first, and meet existing regulatory standards.

The project will produce the greatest environmental benefits since the first Europeans moved to the east side of the Portage Path in 1805, and began polluting the water along the Little Cuyahoga River at Case Avenue with their woolen and grist mills.

Results So Far

As the conditions of Akron's waterways continue to improve, we are seeing the return of wildlife not seen in the area for some time.

The most noticeable example of this, is the resurgence of the Great Blue Heron along the Cuyahoga River. These magnificent four-foot-tall wading birds nest in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Great Blue Heron Viewing Area, located on W. Bath Road in the Merriman valley, gives the public an opportunity to view the heron, which nests from February through May.

For more information on the great blue heron, please visit https://www.nps.gov/articles/000/great-blue-herons-in-cuyahoga-valley.htm