Confirming My College Plans


The AASEP allowed me to have a wonderful engineering experience in a professional setting. I was able to have hands-on experience in the civil engineering field and helped confirm my college plans. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to build relationships with individuals in the field of engineering, as well as members of the Akron community.

Just like the millions of other Americans that mindlessly waste water, I was so unaware of the effort and work that goes into providing cities with clean water. The field of civil engineering blends business and people skills with creativity, mathematics, and helping others. My internship allowed me to explore multiple facets of civil engineering: providing clean water, wastewater treatment, finding ways to preserve the environment while creating infrastructure, and working with governments to make the designs a reality. I have gained so much knowledge and awareness about the efforts being made to improve the city of Akron and our larger community. The program has given me the confidence to pursue a career in civil engineering and strive to create a better society. I'm thankful to have made some amazing friends with similar interests to support my endeavors.

The AASEP is a wonderful addition to the opportunities that Akron provides for students that helps take learning and personal growth outside of the classroom.

By: Kathryn Burns