Current and Former AASEP Students Number 1 in the World of VEX Robotics


Congratulations to our AASEP members. Last weekend two current and two former AASEP students secured the number one spot in the world in VEX Robotics. The VEX Robotics competitions are extra-curricular to AASEP and foster students’ natural interest in engineering, experimentation, and play. They also capitalize on the motivational effects of competitions and robotics to help all students create and identity as a STEM learner. Additionally, VEX competitions are a great way to expose students to even more valuable soft skills, like communication, collaboration, and time-management in a fun and authentic way. Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state, and national levels and culminate at the VEX Robotics World Championship each April!

Team Dougie, which is comprised of Noah Klein and Nikolai Radonjich (current students), and Eleanor Smith and Sage Waehler (former), now occupy the top spot in world skill standings on

It is also notable that the NIHF STEM HS team is the only Ohio based VEX Robotics team to be in the top ten world rankings, with Wooster High School’s Team Gold Rush in 12th place and Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School coming in 15th place. 

Congratulations to team Dougie and to all our Northeast Ohio teams.  We are very proud of you!