Designers, Architects, Suits and Ties


My internship was an interesting experience. My time at AECOM helped me understand what it really meant to be a civil engineer working for a big corporation. I shadowed Louis Burnoski, a civil engineer that worked on designing and managements of projects. He showed me the ropes and answered almost all my questions, and for the ones he didn't know, he would direct me to someone who did.

Mr. Burnoski introduced me to bridge designers, road designers, landscape architects, regular architects, mapping experts, water treatment experts, and a lot of people with suits and ties. I visited water treatment plants and sewer treatment plants as well as the AECOM building in Cleveland, where I met even more professionals. I met 3 college students who worked for AECOM because of a similar program than our own.

 I was in several important meetings that involved the projects that are being done in the city of Warren. But for the most part my internship was just meeting and greeting. I learned a lot about etiquette in the workplace and how to be formal in front of important people. Even though I wanted to learn more about the physical side of engineering, I still enjoyed my time at AECOM.

By: Angel Catala