Grateful for AASEP


kathrynSince I was fortunate enough to return to the AASEP this year, the variety of workshops have allowed me to develop and refine the skills needed to be successful in a professional setting. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to network further with individuals in the field of engineering, as well as members of the Akron community. 

Each workshop provided insightful information that would not only help me during my interview process but be able to thrive in a corporate environment. The first speakers at the Winter STEM Fest discussed understanding personality and way in which I interact with others. This was important to figuring out how I best communicate with others and how to develop those skills. Other sessions covered an array of topics that young professionals must navigate when first entering the business world such as: the importance of written communication, table manners and eating food, and appropriate attire. Professionals that helped review and practice our one-minute speeches as well as networking with us. These skills were all put to the test during our final elevator speeches and interviews with the representatives from the different engineering firms in March. These workshops really helped develop and prepare me not only for my interview but for my future in the engineering profession.

The AASEP is a wonderful addition to the opportunities that Akron provides for students that helps take learning and personal growth outside of the classroom.

By: Kathryne Burns