Head Start in Engineering 


As my second internship with the amazing AASEP is drawing to a close, I have taken a moment to reflect on this time. This summer internship has been such a valuable experience for me and all those who participated. It has allowed me to gain knowledge and an in depth understanding of the engineering industry. 

Prior to this program, I had never considered a career in engineering because of the misconceptions I had about it. All I knew about civil engineering before AASEP was that there is a lot of math involved and that not many women choose the field of engineering. These internships have allowed me to see how multifaceted the engineering industry is. 

It has really helped with my networking skills, learning programs and problem solving in a real-world setting, as well as teaching me better communication skills in a professional environment. The AASEP has been very helpful to give us a head start to develop ourselves as professionals in the engineering workforce.

Pictures are from a tour at the Water Reclamation Facility 

By: Kathryn Burns