Learning the Pathway to My Career


maliyahThe All Akron Student Engineering Program taught me useful material that related back to professionalism in the workplace. I learned how to properly greet people, how to properly eat at a professional lunch meeting, how to properly dress business casual and how to brand myself. This program helped me learn how I’ll be able to accomplish the goal of being successful outside of school. They have given me the opportunity of being part of an internship which has helped me learn the pathway I wanted to take in my future career. This program not only helped me with professionalism but has also helped me know the person I am. With the help of Mr. Simmons and Ms. Halasa they have helped me brand myself and notice different aspects that I have never seen in me before. They helped me notice my strengths and listed them down. After we were done, we pointed out the key points of what made me the person I am and summed it up to a   one-minute speech called an elevator speech. We had the chance to go over our speech with others and was even able to present it out in front of all the companies.This program was very effective and taught me a variety of skills that I do plan on using in the future. 

By: Maliyah Ramsey