My Experience at FirstEnergy


My internship was one of the best experiences I have ever had when it comes to careers and work. Before my internship, I didn’t really understand much about FirstEnergy. All I really knew was “Something something, electricity, bring power to my house please.” This internship has taught me that there is much more that goes on behind the scenes, such as preparing the project, designing the equipment and power lines, planning for contingencies, operating the breakers, and even taking care of the budget.

My internship was split into 8 departments within 8 weeks. In each department, I learned something new and how it contributed to FirstEnergy as a whole. One of my favorite parts was getting to go to the Akron Control Center, or ACC. The control room looked like something out of a spy or government agency film. The walls were embedded with several massive screens showing FE’s transmission grid, and there were multiple computers on each operator’s desk. The room was a bit dark, only slightly lit up by dim lights and the light from the computers and screens.

I also got to go both out in the field and in the office with my internship. In the field, I assisted the employees with measuring “guy lines”, commissioning equipment, and learning about electrical lines. While in the office, I got to learn about how FirstEnergy runs, as well as what it feels like to work there.

Surprisingly, I found the internship to be really fun! I had thought it would be very serious and strict, but everyone was nice to me while I went through the program. They treated me as if I were just another employee, and I felt that FirstEnergy in general treats their workers very well. Despite not having much work in one or two of the departments, I still found the internship to be fun, informative, and exciting!

All in all, this was an incredible opportunity. I learned a plethora of things involving electricity and the workplace, and this experience will stick with me throughout my life. Thanks to this experience, I am also more confident about what I want to major in college: Electrical Engineering. I am very grateful to both FE and AASEP for allowing me the chance to expand my horizons and learn what it means to intern under FirstEnergy. I would like to thank Terry Malone, Dewayne Edwards, Jonathan Simmons, and everyone else who made this possible.

By: Jason Do