Opportunity Knocking


When I first was told about the All Akron Student Engineering Program (AASEP), I was about 15 years old. At the moment I was told that I had a future in engineering and this program would help me when I became a junior in highschool. So when the time came to begin, I didn’t know what to expect. How would this help me, what would I experience, and how would this change me? All of these questions were answered without direct responses, instead they were answered through what I saw with or without my supervisors being aware, which I find very commendable.

The AASEP, allows students to be hired by engineering companies for the summer to learn more about their respected fields. These fields can range from CAD Design, Construction Management, or Water Treatment, and it is a huge opportunity for students like me to learn. The program also makes an effort to make sure that the engineering companies we are recruited into are connected for the improvements of Akron. This is mainly to open the eyes of the students that their skills can help their home, which I will say is the best experience of the program, it fills students with pride for Akron. It also allows interns to practice professionalism, it really made me feel like I was part of the companies I worked for and that the program wanted me to learn from my experiences and use them in the future.

In the end I would encourage any student who is interested in engineering to join the All Akron Student Engineering Program. Without it there still might be uncertainty in mind when it comes to the career I want to explore and I thank the program for the opportunity and knowledge it gave me to help me solidify my decisions.

By: Quran McClelland