Prepared for My Internship and Future


I am thankful that the AASEP was not only going to provide a summer internship in engineering, but also train me to be ready for it. The workshops that were held throughout the program were excellent! They helped me develop and improve certain soft skills that are important in the workplace. Every presenter was very interesting and brought something special to the table. We learned about personal branding, goal setting, table etiquette, proper attire, and many other topics. Towards the end of each workshop, we were proposed a challenge and had to split into groups. This made me interact with new people from all over Akron. These challenges were fun and drove us to think critically and creatively. As the year went on, I found myself much more prepared for my summer internship due to these speakers, presentations, and challenges.

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Milan Radonjich, pictured second from the left           Milan Radonjich, looking down and pointing

By: Milan Radonjich