Strengthened Skills


For my internship through AASEP, I worked with Thomarios. Thomarios has many different aspects to their company including industrial coating, powder coating, and construction. When I was interning there, I worked in the IT department with Mr. Frutchey and Ryan. The IT department was separated from the construction, and for the most part, we did not do much with the construction, industrial coating, and powder coating departments.

On the first two days, I had the task of preparing laptops and desktops for the use of other people at the company. This process involved first making sure the laptops and desktops each had the cords that are needed. I then had to update windows and specific software on each of the computers, which took the bulk of the time for this project. Some of the computers had problems, which I needed to diagnose and fix so they are in working condition.

The main task I had to do is display an image on a Mac II. I spent a lot of time trying to get a raspberry pi to accomplish this, but because I did not have the correct parts I needed to convert the signal nor the time to get them, I was not able to finish the specific project.

When I wasn’t working on either of the other 2 projects, there were still other things that I had to do. I was able to help people with other technical questions when they arrived. I also spent time on CBT Nuggets, a website with courses on various IT topics. The course I finished was on SQL, which is a query language used in database management. Also, during the last week I was able to visit various construction sites and clients which allowed me to see what it is like being on a construction site.

Overall my internship at Thomarios gave me experience in the workforce and I learned a lot from it. I learned both about IT and construction work which helped strengthen my problem-solving skills which are extremely important in IT. It also allowed me to witness what IT employees do daily and help them on their projects.

By: Hunter Jones