Sullivan Rogers Jr. Experience AASEP


All-Akron Student Engineering Program

I first heard about the All-Akron Student Engineering Program during my junior year of high school.  I didn’t pay much attention to it because I wasn’t focused at the time, but I knew it was something I was interested in. So, during my senior year I decided to apply for the program and thankfully I was accepted into it. We had our first meeting at NIHF STEM Middle School and there we talked about Rosie, the tunnel boring machine, and how we, the students, were the future engineers of Akron and how we should come back home after college and make Akron a better place, all in all the meeting was very informative, and well worked.

Our second meeting was us, the students, meeting our intern employers. It was a great meeting because it let us, meet the people we would be working for in a laid-back environment, we had ice cream and got to talk to our company and get to know them a little more and what they did. I liked this part about the program a lot because instead of just meeting the company the first day of work we got to meet and talk them beforehand. 

The closing ceremony for the program was great, it was a recognition of everybody who made it through their internship, and a stepping stone for all the future engineers that were in the room. The program was especially nice to me because at the closing ceremony, GPD Group told me to contact them in the spring if I was interested in another internship there. All in all, I think the All-Akron Student Engineering Program is a great service to young engineers, it gets you in the system at a young age, learning the in and outs of a engineering career, It even allows you to start networking yourself while your still in high school. I am very grateful to everyone in the All-Akron Student Engineering Program.

By: Heather Bolestridge