Akron Waterways Renewed! Recognized with Gold Level Award from Ohio EPA


Akron, Ohio, November 2, 2020 —The Akron Engineering Bureau (AEB) and the Akron Waterways Renewed! Program (AWR!) have announced that they are the recent recipient of a gold level Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) award from Ohio EPA. The E3 award is presented to businesses and organizations for completing environmentally beneficial activities and ongoing stewardship. In total, 19 organizations were recognized for their stewardship with, silver, gold, and platinum levels of the award.

Akron staff attended the virtual award ceremony presented by Ohio EPA. Laurie Stevenson, Director of the Ohio EPA, said, “Through recycling efforts, waste-reduction processes, renewable energy programs, and sustainability programs, these companies are making a major impact in their communities, I am very pleased to honor these organizations with the Encouraging Environmental Excellence award.”

The AEB and AWR! Program received the gold level award for going above and beyond regulatory compliance requirements, reducing waste, and improving environmental performance. Highlights of the award include:

  • Combined Sewer Overflow Improvements
  • Outreach and Education Efforts
  • All Akron Student Engineering Program
  • Energy Efficiency Efforts

To celebrate the award, the City held a flag raising ceremony at the Water Reclamation Facility. Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, Director of Public Service Chris Ludle, and Deputy Director of Public Service Eufrancia Lash were all in attendance to mark the accomplishment and to tour the current construction at the facility.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan said, “This award is further validation of the skill and dedication of our staff who work diligently to not only provide clean, healthy, and efficient water service to our community but also to be environmental stewards for our future generations. We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to building on this momentum with future projects – including support for the Gorge Dam removal project and upcoming sewer separations in North Hill.”

For more information on the program, please contact Elizabeth Holston of Akron Waterways Renewed! at 330-375-2949.

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