City of Akron Announces Three Akron Waterways Renewed! Projects


Akron, Ohio – The City of Akron will begin preparing construction sites for three of the Akron Waterways Renewed! projects.

Two of the projects, Merriman Separation – Green Project (CSO Rack 36) and North Hill Separation – Green Project (CSO Rack 22) were approved by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Federal Consent Decree. These projects are included in the City’s proposed Integrated Plan, and will incorporate green elements and sewer separations, rather than gray basins. The third project, the Main Outfall Interceptor (MOI) project, is located along the east side of Riverview Road, from Lock 22 Plaza on Merriman Rd. to just south of the KB BioEnergy Facility.

The site preparations will include the cutting of some trees in the area. Per Federal regulations, the trees must be removed prior to April 1, to accommodate the Indiana and Northern Long Eared Bats, Federally endangered and threatened species respectively, that will start inhabiting and nesting in the trees after that date.

Northern long-eared bats are significant to ecosystems in North American. They feed on moths, flies, leafhoppers, caddisflies, and beetles, which they catch while in flight using echolocation or by gleaning motionless insects from vegetation; thus decreasing the number of insect pests and heightened loads of environmental pesticides.

As part of the Akron Waterways Renewed! program’s “2 for 1” planting program, for every tree that must be cleared, two will be planted in its place. For the Merriman Separation – Green Project (CSO Rack 36) the site work will take place at the northwest corner of the intersection of Merriman Road and Eaton Avenue. For the North Hill Separation – Green Project (CSO Rack 22) the work will occur in the area bound by Flower Ct., E. Lods St., Charles St., and the All American Bridge/261/Main St./Y Bridge.

For more information, please contact Heather Bolestridge, AWR! Communications Manager, at (330) 375-2949 or by email at