Kelly Green-Kelly Conveyance (CSO Rack 3)

Kelly Green


The Kelly project includes a unique mix of projects to reduce combined sewer overflows to the Little Cuyahoga River.  This project uses green infrastructure to slow the flow of rainwater into our sewer system.  When rain water is slowed down, we have more room in the pipe for wastewater that needs to be treated at the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).  Along with green infrastructure, underground sewer improvements were made as part of the project to increase the amount of wastewater going to the WRF to be treated.

Construction included green infrastructure at Chittenden and McKinley, Chittenden and Bittaker, 5th and Chittenden, 7th and Kelly, and 6th and Weeks. Each site was designed with a creative theme in mind.  See if you can spot the butterfly, footprint, and fish!